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Hemi Tune Compilation

This page will be a compilation of different tunes guys have used for hemi's in their engine swaps! If you've got something you're willing to share, please email me at sunshinewk at hotmail.com (remove spaces and replace at with @). In the future, this will become a list with links to individual pages for each tune. We just need more tunes!

UPDATE!!! 7-5-12 - new tune files added at the bottom! Thanks Jousi!

***Disclaimer*** These Tune Maps and File Downloads are intended for informational purposes only! We will NOT be held liable for anything you derive from this site. Be smart, DO NOT try to use any of these tunes on your vehicle!

Map63Vette on www.forabodiesonly.com -

Map was kind enough to get us started. Below, you will find the downloads for his tunes, and a few screen shots showing his tuning maps and graphs.

Engine details:
-5.7 Hemi block and internals, standard displacement, rotating assembly, cam, and heads, stock 06+ coils
-Injectors are stock 5.7 Hemi and the fuel pressure in the system is set at 60 psi using a vacuum reference regulator (60 psi at ambient)
-Indy Mod Man intake with 4bbl top plate
-TTI headers
-Accel DFI 1200 cfm 4bbl throttle body with GM TPS sensor and IAC motor
-GM coolant and MAT/IAT sensor
-Innovative LC-1 wideband O2 sensor and controller

-MSD 6-Hemi ingition system running on stock crank, cam, and MAP sensors
-Megasquirt 2 computer running MS 2/Extra firmware (will update with exact build when I check it later) (for those that don't know, the Megasquirt system comes with a built in MAP sensor that just requires a vacuum line from the manifold to run, so I actually have two MAP sensors in my system, the stock one for MSD and the built in one for the Megasquirt)

Megasquirt setup:
-Alternating batch fire injection (fire one rail at a time alternating)
-IAC used only for warmup similar to a choke (not used to maintain idle speed at temperature, yet at least)
-O2 feedback enabled for closed loop running

****WARNING: MY IGNITION IS SET UP TO RUN A DISTRIBUTOR STYLE IGNITION IN THE SOFTWARE. THIS IS ONLY USED TO RUN THE TACHOMETER AND NOTHING ELSE. The timing values in the timing table are based on my MSD timing values for the fun of it, but they do not control anything. I put them in that way so that I had a rough idea what the timing was without having to hook my computer up to my MSD box, but that does not mean that they are the same as what the MSD is actually doing.

Maps and graphs:

AFR Table:

Hemi AFR Table

Fuel Table:

Hemi Fuel Table

MSD Spark Table:

Hemi Spark Table

Tune files:
Map63VetteMSQ (megasquirt file - right click, save target as, rename file extension from .xml to .msq - if it already saves as .msq, then don't worry about it)
Map63VetteMSD (MSD Ignition file - right click, save target as)
Downloadable Zip:
Map63VetteTunes (Zip folder has both that are listed and downloadable above)

Jousi from Finland -

I received an email this week with XFI tuning maps from Jousi in Finland! Thanks Jousi!

2005 Factory 5.7
TTI E Body Headers
Fast 92mm Throttle Body
FAST XFI and XIM are programmed for closed loop and sequential injection

He mentioned the maps still need some smoothing, but the car is running quite good anyway. Here are the screen shots!


Who else is willing to share their hemi tune to help others get started?