Duster angle

3G Duster

A 348 ci 3G Hemi Duster build

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1973 Plymouth Duster

This car was bought new by my grandparents, and it has been in the family ever since. It was given to me on my 15th birthday in 1999. Over a couple years, we rebuilt the car, bringing it to the stage you currently see it in.

Modifications list performed in 2000-2002, stayed that way through 2011

408 ci W2 motor

727 tranny, 3300 stall

8 3/4, 4.10, clutch type suregrip

paint, wheels, tires, full interior

Plans for 2011:

Sell 408 and 727

Build forged 5.7 hemi, 450 rwhp goal:
5.7 Extreme heads from FRI/ GTP Performance,
6.1 ported intake
11:1 compression
222/228 on 113 camshaft

Install Keisler TKO600 kit with hydraulic clutch

Upgrade suspension components for road racing application

Design front spoiler to help reduce lift


Duster before

duster front side

duster interior